The Experience

Hikes on the Cliffs are never the same. Experience the power of nature.

The Hike

Our hikes run 7 days a week in all types of weather. Expect anything and everything in our unique Irish weather to get the most out of our hike. Be up for a challenge and bring a sense of adventure. The hike sometimes moves through areas of exposed cliff edges without benefit of fencing so caution must be exercised.  The hikes vary in length to suit your abilities and the longest hike is about 10kms. These are for small groups of 10 folks or less and you can book private tours lasting upto 3 hours. This is not a power hike across the cliffs of moher, more of an immersive hike which allows us time to properly explore all the nature around us.
For those of you who wish to take the easy road, we offer driving excursions of the cliffs which takes in the entire 14kms stopping in at the very best vantage points the cliffs of moher has to offer.  It’s the perfect way to explore and photograph the cliffs without getting bogged down in the crowds or having to do much hiking.  The driving excursions are in my little jeep and usually last around 3 hours. Max 4 passengers.
For both excursions we offer binoculars and wet pants keeping you dry, comfortable and offering you the best opportunities to observe wildlife uninterrupted. We recommend morning or evening excursions avoiding the crowds in the middle of the day. 
The hiking tours start at €80 pp (this includes all entances fee’s, binoculars and wetpants) while the driving excursions start at €100 pp.

What you can expect


A reasonable level of fitness and agility is required to complete our hikes. However we can tailor the hike distance depending on the fitness levels of your party if booking a private hike (minimum of 4 people).

Your experience walking along the Cliffs of Moher is dependent on many factors. The weather has a huge impact on our tours but we only take you out when it is safe to do so. The time of year dictates what you may see; early spring sees the puffins coming to nest, summer is a cocophony of bird song with over 20 species of nesting birds competing for airspace.

Sometimes the cliffs can be very crowded with nearon 2 millions visitors annually, but we keep you away from these crowds as best is possible. 

Expect sunshine, showers, fog, gale force winds, everything mother nature can throw at you.
So you really might just expect the unexpected!

Amazing Past Experiences

A Special Request!

It’s more than once that a gentleman has contacted me privately and asked me to take him and his girl on a private hike and
unbeknowns to his girlfriend, he is really planning a proposal. I take them to the most secluded and beautiful part of the cliffs
where there is no-one else around, he gives me the wink and I disappear and watch from a distance as he goes down on one
knee. It’s pretty cute.

Emigration and special moments

The cliffs have a special place in many a persons heart and particularly with the Irish who’ve emigrated to America in previous generations. On more than one occasion I have been contacted by American families privately who wish to come to spread the ashes of their parents at the cliffs. Funny, that their final request is this site, it means so much to people. I cant say these occasions are enjoyable but they are poignant and beautiful in their own way.

The Weather!

Weather phenomena – well the weather is extremely volatile up here at 700ft above sea level. As you can imagine, it’s dramatic at the best of times. We’ve seen it all up here, thunderstorms, torrential rain, crazy wind and magical sunny calm days that seem unreal. However, a stand out in all of these was the day last year I was taking a family on a private hike, we were about 1 mile from any kind of shelter when I spotted a tornado (water spout) coming directly for us about 2 miles out. Well, we took off running for that wall as fast as our legs could carry us and made it with about 5 minutes to spare. Luckily we all had our full wet gear on and hunkered down behind a stone wall and waited. All i remember is this American family and me all huddled down together and laughing as the rain pelted down on us like stones and seemed to swirl like snow. Dad was thrilled, Mom was slightly terrified and the kids of course took it all in their stride. Thankfully, that was the only time ive encountered a tornado up there.

The sunset hike with Moby and the Hare

One evening my fellow hikers and myself were sat down for 5 minutes to take in the sunset, enjoy our snacks and take a few snaps. My little doggy moby was sat by my side. The evening was a picasso postcard sky, blazing orange sunset and the sun was falling into the sea. We sat quietly and then as if he wanted to just join in, this large irish hare popped up very close to us. My little Moby looked to the hare, then looked to me (the hare was bigger than moby) and luckily i had him on his lead. The hare seemed to take us all in, enjoyed the sunset for a few seconds and then hopped away, in no great hurry. This is rare enough, ive only encountered them a few times as they are sensibly, shy.